UMA Power Tools | show casing the AutoLoader framework for UMA characters

NPC's are generated from a serialized text recipe once they come within the Green Circle.
When the NPC's leave the Red Circle they're fully destroyed, texture, mesh, everything is gone leaving memory and resources for new characters.
The white markers shows where the NPCs are located.
Each NPC have atlassed textures so they're one (or two) drawcalls. The mesh is baked with bone reduction so all the UMA customization bones are gone at run-time.
Use Arrow keys to move the player around.
Press Space to toggle Top view and First Person View.
Press Enter to toggle picture in picture.
Use PageUp and PageDown to adjust number of characters in Sandbox.
Press F1 to toggle between the default UMAGenerator Legacy combiner and the Power Tools' Threaded Bone Bake Combiner.
Press Insert to toggle between RenderTexture atlas (Unity Pro license required) and regular atlas generation.